Glow with the flow with Black Light Party Supplies! Featuring all the lighting effects you need (including strobe lights!) plus tons of glow-in-the-dark accessories, neon rave wear and noisemakers, we have everything you need to throw an epic black light bash. Select classic black lights in different wattages and fluorescent light sets, then mix in some red, orange, green, and purple light bulbs to bring bright color to your black light party. With a variety of strobe lights, disco balls, and rotating rainbow globe lights, it's easy to set up your own light show. Mix in bubble machines and fog machines, and you've got an epic setup! Black light party supplies aren't limited to strobe lights and black light fixtures! Your party guests are transformed into ultra-bright beacons of fun with our extensive selection of glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow bracelets and glow earrings. Neon green and yellow plus jewel-tone pink, purple, blue and orange emanate from 2-inch to 9-inch glow sticks, glow wands and even light sticks with flashing LEDs. Choose a super-convenient value pack of glow sticks in one or several colors, and it's easy to make your rave all the rage! Find wildly bold hats, slotted glasses, nail polish, masquerade masks, wigs and even temporary tattoos that all glow under black lights. Your personal party style stands out when you choose your favorite pieces from our selection of neon cowboy hats, fedoras and top hats; bobs, Mohawks and long wigs; and glamorous and trendy jewelry pieces. Noisemakers, inflatable toys and glow-in-the-dark game accessories get your guests in on the fun. Pass out hand clappers, air horns, tambourines, blow outs and neon crackers to your guests as they enter. Assorted inflatable instruments set by a photo booth (don't forget to put out extra neon accessories!) are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. If you're organizing some drinking games or kid-friendly table tennis for your black light party, we even have glow pong balls! What are you waiting for? Glow on and shop our affordable Black Light Party Supplies below!