Enter, if you dare, the creepy carnival where timid souls tremble and evil clowns abound! Yes, the creepy carnival has rolled into town, dragging behind it a delightfully twisted collection of creepy clown props, severed clown limbs and heads, and evil clown knives. It's a very bad day for clowns, but a great day for the creepy carnival, because here you'll find everything to stage your own creepy clown show in the living room or in the yard — wherever you think those creepy clowns belong. Building out the creepy carnival theme are gruesome hanging circus decorations and banners, "tattered" keep out signs, stretch spider webs and "bloody" mantle gauze, creepy clown toilet seat grabbers, matching door decorations, and so much more. For hapless guests, double roll admission tickets and raffle rolls offer admission to the carnival (and serve as markers for Halloween party prizes and giveaways), and for the host, clown wigs, noses, and shoes transform you into a living creepy carnival prop!