It's a bad moon rising tonight! ...Or it is just the life size skeleton rising from your lawn? Create your own creepy graveyard scene with our Halloween tombstones and cemetery decorations, all-weather props designed for use indoors or out. Foam Halloween tombstones are molded and finished to look like headpieces from centuries gone by, weather-beaten and battered as befits the night of the haunted and the dead. Other cemetery decorations include our always-popular lawn skeletons that appear to rise from the dead when you "plant" them in the ground, gothic fencing and chains to cordon off your graveyard area (and keep out trick-or-treaters), and stakes and signs that warn visitors to "keep out." Cemetery decoration kits are an easy and especially affordable starting point for your display, offering Halloween tombstones, realistic skulls and skeleton parts, fencing, and even stretch spider webs for that special air of age and neglect. For the finishing touches on your scene, try our ground foggers, light-up props to highlight prime areas of the lawn or porch, and giant spider web lawn decorations upon which you can suspend virtually anything — including giant spiders.