Carve out a place on the porch for scary pumpkin decorations, and transform the friendly neighborhood pumpkin patch into a freakishly fearsome Halloween scene. From scary pumpkin faces etched into gruesome jack-o'-lanterns to hanging skeletons, ghosts, and grim reapers with menacing pumpkin heads, and even shrunken pumpkin heads, here you'll find everything for a Halloween display that decidedly different from the usual cemetery spectacle.Here you'll also find not-so-scary pumpkins for the kids — pumpkin lights and party favors, pumpkin candles and cutout decorations… The more you scroll the page, the more you'll come to see that nearly everything is pumpkin themed, ready to be placed on your porch or table top, plated in the yard, hung from the trees, or strung along the fence to greet the holiday guests with a haunting hello from the ghoulish gourd garden.